Ear infections are a common ailment for small children. In some cases, ear tubes are needed to help alleviate the infections. Thanks to Medical Alley company Preceptis Medical, there’s a new and innovative way for patients to receive ear tubes in just a matter of minutes and without anesthesia.

Listen to this episode of the Medical Alley Podcast as we chat with Dr. Ted Truitt of St Cloud Ear Nose & Throat Clinic, P.A. to learn about Preceptis’ Hummingbird TTS device and the difference he’s seen it make for patients and their families.

Listen here, or download it wherever you get your podcasts: https://www.medicalalleypodcast.org/2244530/13716451-a-breakthrough-in-ear-tube-procedures-a-conversation-with-dr-truitt-of-st-cloud-ear-nose-throat