Preceptis Medical Expands Access to the Hummingbird® Tympanostomy Tube System (TTS) through Medicaid Insurer Pilot Program


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Preceptis Medical, Inc., an innovative surgical technology company dedicated to providing less invasive ear tube procedure options for pediatric patients, announced today that children will have expanded access to the Hummingbird in-office ear tube procedure through a collaboration with one of the largest Medicaid payers in the United States.

This expanded coverage will help meet increased demand for ear tubes by alleviating operating room (OR) schedules and reducing delays in care for pediatric patients, resultant from the COVID-19 Pandemic. With one million children undergoing OR-based ear tube procedures annually1, the pilot program shows promise to increase care access and address current health equity challenges encountered by Medicaid populations.

Pilot program participant, Dr. Paula Harmon, MD, MBA, FAAP of Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat of Atlanta (PENTA) commented, “The Hummingbird device has allowed our practice the opportunity to address rising challenges facing pediatric patients due to OR scheduling constraints and healthcare access inequities.” Voted as a Top ENT Doctor in a national listing of Top Doctors in 2022, Harmon continued, “Our partnership with Preceptis Medical (makers of the Hummingbird TTS) and the Medicaid pilot program will help in our endeavor to remove healthcare disparities, a goal of PENTA since its inception.”

The FDA-cleared Hummingbird device uniquely combines the separate tools and steps performed in surgical ear tube procedures into a comprehensive, single-step process. Utilizing Preceptis Medical’s patented One-Pass® technology, ENT surgeons make an incision and deliver, position and place ear tubes with a single pass device in the office setting.

Available for use in children 6 months of age or older, the Hummingbird eliminates the need for general anesthesia and the OR, as the procedure only requires a topical numbing anesthetic. The Hummingbird, delivering a 98% success rate in clinical studies,2 allows parents to be present during treatment and children to return to normal activities immediately following the procedure.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with one of the most respected, well-known managed care payers in the United States on this important initiative. This new partnership is critical as parental and provider demand rises for ear tube placement alternatives that do not involve general anesthesia,” stated Greg Mielke, Preceptis Medical’s Chief Commercial Officer. “The pilot program serves as a critical step in not only increasing healthcare access, but also in expanding coverage and commercial growth initiatives,” Mielke concluded.

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About Preceptis Medical

Founded in 2011, Preceptis Medical is an innovative surgical technology company dedicated to providing less invasive ear tube procedure options for pediatric patients. The FDA-cleared Hummingbird® Tympanostomy Tube System (TTS) streamlines ear tube placement and addresses risks associated with pediatric general anesthesia use. The Hummingbird, safe for use in patients 6 months of age and older, provides a simple and efficient option for ENTs and parents while reducing healthcare costs.


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2 Truitt, TO, Kosko, JR, Nimmons, GL, et al. In‐office insertion tympanostomy tubes in children using single‐pass device. Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology. 2021;1-7.

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