The Hummingbird: Minimally Invasive PE Tubes

The Hummingbird is a safe, proven, FDA-cleared technology that allows surgeons to place ear tubes in-office without general anesthesia.

A Faster, Minimally Invasive Approach

In modern practice, parents of children are seeking more comfort and flexibility when it comes to  otolaryngology procedures — especially parents advocating for their children’s care. The introduction of the Hummingbird helps both parents and surgeons streamline time and cost commitments during PE tube placement.

With common indications for tympanostomy tubes including chronic ear infections, chronic OME and eustachian tube dysfunction, the Hummingbird provides a faster, less stressful way to reduce patient discomfort while maintaining operational efficiency and decreasing backlogs.

How The Hummingbird Works

The Hummingbird is designed to create an incision and place a PE tube in a one single pass using our proprietary One-Pass® technology.

What Makes The Hummingbird Unique?

The Hummingbird device reduces  the time required to complete successful PE tube placement by combining several key procedural steps into one. With Preceptis’ patented One-Pass® technology, an incision is made using the cutting sheath and the tube is placed by scrolling back on the slider. A topical anesthetic helps numb the tympanic membrane and the entire procedure is conducted in-office in under five minutes, bilaterally, without the need for fasting, general anesthesia, pre-operative testing or at-home recovery.

The In-Office Ear Tube Experience ²

98% of parent survey respondents would recommend the procedure to other parents. 

Same-day procedure is conducted in-office in under five minutes (bilaterally) without at-home recovery.

All patients tolerated the procedure acceptably, based on independent physician reviews.

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Indications For Use: The Hummingbird® Tympanostomy Tube System (HTTS) is intended to deliver a tympanostomy tube (also referred to as a ventilation tube) through the tympanic membrane of the patient and is indicated to be used in office settings for children 6 months and older.

² Source: Results from Hummingbird In-Office Pediatric Clinical Study – results on file.